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Position:  SES Group & Associates, LLC seeks Concrete Materials Engineer - 2

Position duties:  Conduct research in the Concrete Laboratory including, but not limited to, helping to identify research activities; preparing research plans and literature reviews; conducting data analysis and preparing journal papers and reports; executing research on Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM), including conducting, validating, and refining existing and proposed new durability tests for PEM per AASHTO PP84 specifications, comprising, but not limited to, pore solution expression, X-ray fluorescence analysis of the pore solution, pore solution and concrete resistivity, sorptivity, and critical degree of saturation; conducting research on new testing methodologies or enhancing existing ASTM or AASHTO testing procedures.

Must possess a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering and 1 year experience with specific experience in concrete materials. Must also possess course work or work experience with (i) proportioning, mixing, curing, and testing of concrete materials; (ii) concrete constituent characteristics; (iii) conducting research studies focused on concrete; (iv) designing experiments and conducting statistical analyses; (v) leading, motivating, and working with a team of research professionals; (vi) developing, monitoring, and executing research plans with focus on PEM; (vii) conducting, validating, and refining existing proposed new durability testes for PEM per AASHTO PP84 specifications; (viii) communicating research motivations, methods, and results in verbal and written form to an audience ranging from novice to expert; and (ix) participating in delivering results through work with technical committees related to materials research and standards development.

Location of Employment: McLean, VA

Resume to: SES Group & Associates, LLC, 614 Biddle Street, Chesapeake City, MD 21915; Attn: Mr. Buddy Shepard; Job Ref: # 111